Monday, September 05, 2005

Volunteer Ministers - Deja Vu

Scientology  Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief

Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Hurricane Katrina
Relief Effort

It's too close to 9/11 for comfort (next weekend) and what do we see? Another disaster of the same order of magnitude. This time it's a "natural disaster" (yet weren't we warned that the levies in New Orleans could break if not reinforced? Weren't naturalist sand environmentalists warning for years that what we have done to alter the natural course of things on the delta would result in untold devastation? Is it not then manmade at least to that extent?)

Again the heroism of the relief workers is an inspiration to us all.

A team of over 100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers have left or are leaving from greater metropolitan New York to help with Hurricane Katrina.

It's only fit, since people from around the country and even around the world came to help us when we needed it 4 years ago (can it possibly have been that long ago?)

I remember the pride I felt at an international Scientology event in October 2002 when Mr. David Miscavige recognized the heroism of the Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero. This year has seen that much heroism and more from Volunteer Ministers in the tsunami-hit islands and penninulas of South Asia, and now again in such familiar-sounding places as New Orleans and Biloxi.

Mr. Miscavige will have his hands full trying to settle on one or two of the Volunteer Ministers who have acted with such compassion and given true help to hundreds of thousands in the wake of this year's disasters.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Proud New Yorker

I'm a Scientologist and a proud New Yorker.

There's no city on earth like New York.

And there's no religion on earth like Scientology.

What a great combination.

New York is the primo city of all cities for culture, excitement, media, news, finance. It's just the place where things happen.

Scientology is the religion of religions. By learning and using Scientology technology anyone can do better in life and gain a broader and more personal understanding of himself/herself as a spiritual being and his/her relationship to the universe.

(Which New York is still the center of)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Citizens Commission on Human Rights and New York - What a Combination

New Yorkers have (proudly, accurately) the reputation for being tough and in-your-face kind of people.

As a New Yorking I am proud of that reputation.

I am also very proud of being a member of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

There aren't too many things that get me going, but psychiatry is one thing that does.

If you really look into what they are doing you will be outraged. CCHR has a traveling exhibit that they have been taking around the world. It was in Harlem recently, and has been all over the east coast over the past 6 months.

Even if you have a weak stomache you really owe it to yourself (and your family and friends) to get informed about this public menace. Sorry. I can't put it more politetly.

When Tom Cruise told Matt Lauer that he had studied the history of psychiatry, believe me it's true. And the conclusion Mr. Cruise came to is the only logical conclusion a humane and caring person can come to on this subject.

By the way it is not and never has been the contention of Tom Cruise or any Scientologist that people don't suffer, that the human condition is one of "happiness." No.

But the way psychiatry "helps" people by labeling them, and making up diseases opening the door to destroying lives with very heavy drugs that are addictive and have terrible side affects (including suicide!) is what he (and I) complain about.

Check it our youself, though.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has a very good web site, where you can download booklets or browse through news on psychiatry.

And if you need help to get a person out of psych hands they have a 1-800 number and they will help you. They are experts at restoring freedom to psychiatric victims - as long as they can get to them in time.